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Mir Random

Professional Random Number Generators.

The following table is a quick reference guide for which Mir Random modules to use for a given category of functionality.

Modules Description
    Basic API
mir.random Basic API to generate random numbers. Contains generic rand function that generates real, integral, boolean, and enumerated uniformly distributed values. Publicly includes mir.random.engine.
    Random Variables
mir.random.variable Random variables for uniform, exponential, gamma, normal, and other distributions.
    Integration with Phobos
mir.random.algorithm Random ndslices and ranges.
    Entropy Generators
mir.random.engine unpredictableSeed, Random alias, common engine API.
mir.random.engine.linear_congruential Linear Congruential generator.
mir.random.engine.mersenne_twister Mersenne Twister generator.
mir.random.engine.xorshift Xorshift generator.
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